“Cookies” are IT data, in particular text files, stored in users’ terminal equipment intended for using websites. A “cookie” is a small file consisting of letters and numbers that is loaded onto a computer or other device (e.g. computer hard disk, telephone) when visiting a website. It allows the user to be recognized and helps the website remember his preferences (e.g. selected language) so that the user does not have to set his preferences every time he uses the given website. “Cookies” in our store do not store any personal data and do not allow the identification of a given customer. The store’s software saves information in “cookies” files regarding the following areas:

On the store side, “cookies” are used:
1. Session id – a temporary “cookie” that exists on your computer only when you are on a given website – more specifically, until you close your browser. They allow the store pages to remember what customers chose on the previous page and are designed to optimize navigation on the website, e.g. by remembering the settings of the user logged in to the website – thanks to which the user does not have to re-enter the login and password on each subpage of the store (in the “cookie” no password and login are saved – only the client’s session number, which does not
identifies the customer’s personal data).
2. Information on statistics creation. This type of cookie is used to provide important information about website traffic and the way visitors use it. To collect this data, among others, Google Analytics tools. These cookies are used only to collect statistics about website traffic and to determine the user profile in order to display him matched materials in advertising networks, in particular the Google network.

The management panel uses “cookies”
Session id – temporary “cookies” that exist on your computer only while you are on a given website – more precisely until you close your browser and allow the store administrator to log in to the management panel.

Deleting “cookies”
By default, the software used for browsing websites (eg Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome) allows by default to place “cookies” on the end device. The user may independently and at any time change the settings for “cookies”, specifying the conditions for their storage and access by “cookies” to the user’s device. The user can change the settings using the web browser settings. These settings can be changed in particular in such a way as to block the automatic handling of “cookies” in the web browser settings or to inform about each time “cookies” are placed on the user’s device. Detailed information about the possibilities and ways of handling “cookies” are available in the software (web browser) settings.

Restrictions on saving “cookies”
If you do not agree to place cookies on your device, you can block their placement by configuring your web browser. Information on how to do this can be found in the help files of your web browser. Please remember that failure to accept some or all cookies may result in the inability to use the store correctly or limit its functionality.

Sharing cookies
Cookies placed on the store user’s end device can also be used by advertisers and partners cooperating with the store operator, and can also be used by advertising networks, in particular the Google network, to display ads tailored to the way the user uses the store. For this purpose, they may save information about the user’s navigation path or the time spent on a given page.